About the CEO

Kira Parris-Moore | Author, Mental Health Advocate

Kira is a licensed family therapist who is the author of 4 children’s books; Trey the Chef, Suzy the Dressmaker, If Corona was a person, and Our Masked Heroes. She began her publishing company, Books2Inspire on May 23rd of 2019. Her purpose of creating this company was to create a mental health education series for children to identify signs of mental health symptoms in themselves, gain a greater awareness about those that may be different from themselves, and raise their emotional intelligence. She also includes activities in each of her books to offer talking points for parents and children to discuss to start a conversation on mental health or activities for the child to practice on their own to help with emotional regulation.

Kira is a local author and resides in Durham, NC with her husband and two sons, Trey and Kameron. She has worked in the mental health field for 15 years with children and adolescents, hoping to bring about change in their lives by intervening after childhood trauma has occurred. Her hope and purpose from writing her books is to reinforce resiliency in children and to help them build their own inner resources to offer early intervention in mental health and a better prognosis/outcome. Kira believes that a growth mindset is the best way for children to become successful human beings and “win at life” despite any barriers they face. 

Message from the CEO

” What better way to impart mental health knowledge on children than through books? I have attended many book events and have been thrilled by the types of discussion my books generate amongst children. Children are like sponges and every bit of information you give them gets absorbed into their psyche. It is important that children be given the opportunity to gain a greater awareness of the world and the various types of people in it by teaching them to embrace people’s differences. Soon this world will no longer belong to those of my generation but that of my children and I want to do my part in creating a world of conscientious and tolerant individuals who care for us as well as one another.

 My books are also great for children experiencing their own battles with mental health by giving them insight into the problem and the tools and resources to overcome their problem in each activity offered in my book. Early intervention is key and yields the best results and prognosis for a child’s future. Build your child’s inner resources and help them avoid, if possible, having to seek out costly therapy later.”