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Maria Campos is a wife, mom of three, and grandma. Professionally she’s a certified meditation instructor, certified essential oil specialist, and an essential oil mentor and leader.

Prior to starting her essential oil business, in addition to owning a cake decorating business, she worked for GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical company located in Research Triangle Park in NC and worked in the neuroscience and respiratory department.

Essential oils are revolutionizing the way families manage their health, and her passion is to empower others, by sharing nature’s most powerful elements. Through education and Wellness Coaching, she helps families find natural solutions to manage their health using the purest Essential Oils on the earth.

For every purchase of Trey the Chef and Suzy the Dressmaker, you have the option to receive a FREE essential oil and consultation with Maria. Make your purchase today!

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Children with special needs could struggle with school safety precautions

 — Parents of children with special needs often carry a heavy load tending to unique challenges on a daily basis.

The coronavirus pandemic has posed even greater struggles and concerns. Now, with schools reopening in a matter of weeks, local parents of children with special needs are worried about how schools will keep their kids safe. Kira Parris Moore, a Durham mom to a son on the autism spectrum, has had her life flipped upside down since the start of the pandemic.


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Partnership with Speech Blubs


BOOKS2Inspire LLC is an independent publishing company that seeks to increase awareness of various developmental disabilities and mental health disorders through children’s books. BOOKS2Inspire LLC believes that the written word can spark change and influence the lives of many by giving them hope. BOOKS2Inspire will showcase books that recognize resiliency in children and their ability to overcome life’s challenges.  BOOKS2Inspire LLC features two books, “Trey the Chef”, and “Suzy the Dressmaker” written by Kira Parris-Moore, part of the book series “The Heroes We Know.”

In addition, a special “gift” of a discount is available for customers of Trey the Chef which includes a Speech Blubs, a speech therapy and educational app for children with special needs. For more on this company, visit their blog at

In addition, each customer also gets a discount off a purchase of Avaz (see below) which is an AAC app that provides voice output for nonverbal children and adults with developmental disabilities. You can visit their blog at

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Carl Moore III, otherwise known as ‘Trey’, is a bright, playful, and curious 7-year old who loves electronics, wooden/plastic letters, playdoh, and watching cooking videos.

Trey is also an avid book reader and has always been. He has loved books since he was a toddler and would spend hours just looking at the pictures. I really feel Trey was trying to understand the world around him and make sense of it by reading books. Trey could recognize words in books from age 4 because of his early interest in reading. Trey’s talking came much later; age 6 but I strongly believe he would not have even talked by then, if it weren’t for his passion for reading.