If Corona Was A Person

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For many children, it is difficult to understand the gravity of the Coronavirus and the effects it can have on themselves and others. If Corona was a person makes Corona into a fictional character in order to highlight the unseen dangers of this virus. It describes the importance of protecting each other from the virus by engaging in safe and healthy practices to keep Corona at bay. If you are looking for a book that will help your children to grasp the severity of this virus and understand why lifestyle adjustments have been made, this is it!


1 review for If Corona Was A Person

  1. TeacherHeavenWithMrs.Evans (verified owner)

    If Corona was a person is a book that all parents and teachers need to read to their kids. It lets them know the dangers of Corona without being too scary. Giving the simile of Corona being like a little old lady…seems sweet and innocent but you still have to be careful. I read this book as a read aloud and I had a few kiddos answer me back with the 3 important things that they must do to stay safe…read the book to find out these 3 must do’s to fight corona.

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