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We All Need to Come Together (Digital Version)

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We All Need to Come Together – Anti racist books for kids by Books2inspire.

In a time where police brutality is more apparent and injustice against the black community is commonplace, here is a book that emphasizes the importance of uniting or “coming together” across races, class, sexual orientations, and gender identities to tackle this racial pandemic. Beautifully illustrated by Grace Desmarais, this book highlights the contributing factors to systemic racism and provides guidelines on how to fight against it. Intended for children between the ages of 9-12, this book aims to inspire our youth to start thinking about how change can happen so that they too can have an impact on this world.

This book is about teaching children anti-racism, concepts of social justice, equality amongts people and values of togetherness. This falls under the category of books for children.

Buy 5-9 for a 20% discount, 10-14 for a 25% discount, 15-19 for a 30% discount, 20-24 for a 35% discount, and 25+ for a 40% discount.

An ebook that educates on institutional racism and promotes social activism in children.

This book is about teaching children anti-racism, concepts of social justice, equality amongst people and values of togetherness. Intended for ages 9-12.

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5 reviews for We All Need to Come Together (Digital Version)

  1. Sue Loh

    This kids’ book is a great reinforcement of lessons from recent news. It is NOT a book to hand to your kids and walk away – it’s one for parents and kids to sit down and read together. It would also be excellent for conversations between teachers and students in school.

    The book starts strong with the dedication in the front, to people like Trayvon Martin and Breonna Taylor, who were wrongly killed due to racial bias. The rest of the book continues with an overview of the social injustices that are at issue in recent events, and how we can all do our part to make life more fair for everyone. It touches on police brutality, the criminal justice system, protests and voting.

    This is a good way for me to hold conversations with my kids about current events. There’s so much more to say than the words in the book, so the book is really just a catalyst for a discussion. It makes it that much more vivid to them that I’m NOT just reading words out of a book, but explaining in my own words. It lets me reinforce that these are real people and events, not just characters in a story.

    I love the artwork. The cover does not entirely do the book justice. The artist is great at drawing people, and the book is FULL of people. It depicts a marvelous diversity of age, race, gender, ability, religion, sexual orientation. The selection of scenes is great, and backs up the messages in the book. The depiction of a small “Rest In Power” memorial is particularly poignant to me; we’ve visited such a memorial in our city with our kids, and this book shows them that it’s not an isolated case.

    The vocabulary also does not “speak down” to children. I had a good conversation with them over words like “disenfranchised,” “socioeconomic,” and “rehabilitation.”

    I appreciate that the book stayed away from “ACAB” messages and other negative tones. There’s even a page directly suggesting that police and communities can come together if violence issues are addressed. I sympathize with angry sentiments, but as the title states, we all need to come together in order to make change. There are too many divisive messages in today’s world. Kids and adults alike need reminders like these, that love wins. Overall the tone is upbeat and optimistic.

    Trying to think of what is missing – I would have liked to see the divide between urban, suburban and rural people in here. Both in terms of political philosophy (liberal & conservative) and economics. It could probably have covered economic inequality a little more directly.

    This book is best for kids in the 8-12 year age range. It doesn’t have a large page count, but it’s definitely not a quick read-through, because there’s a lot to talk about. This is a book to read with your kids in 2020. Don’t wait – grab a copy and sit down with your kids today!

    Note: I was given a free digital copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.

  2. Kayla Spears

    I really enjoyed reading this Ebook because it sheds light on a very real topic, Social Injustice. I appreciate how this book creates an open dialogue for the reader and their family. Through, her rhyming words, Kira Parris-Moore was able to keep the reader engaged while tackling a big subject!

  3. Jenn (verified owner)

    This is a good book to read to kiddos from 3rd grade and up. There’s a few big words that you can dive into the meaning of with little mini lessons. Each page gives you a chance to have a discussion with your kids or the class about the news headlines.Loved the tribute and bright colors!

  4. Ankita

    We all need to come together by the author Kira Parris Moore is a children’s book. It talks about uniting in the fight against racism. No matter whether we are black, brown or white, we all should come ahead to fight racism.

    There should be equality for black lives. They should be given equal opportunity in every field. Many things has changed around the world, it’s time to change this too. Police brutality should be stopped and nobody should be punished if he/she is innocent.

    It’s time to change the system that oppress people of color. This book teaches us to end racism. It tells kids to treat everyone equally. The title and cover page of the book is relevant to the story. It is a must read book by kids so that they can get good values from childhood to see everyone as same.

  5. Vidonne Colston (verified owner)

    Perfectly timed and beautifully illustrated! Great message of compassion, justice, and community. I want a paper copy for my future classroom!

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