The Barrel

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Ebook for ages 6-8.


The Barrel is a book about a family of crabs that teaches children about ethics, empathy, collective cooperation, and what happens when this does not occur. Intended for ages 6-8 but can be for a younger child if read to by a parent/caregiver.

3 reviews for The Barrel

  1. TeacherHeavenWithMrs.Evans (verified owner)

    The Barrel was a great read! It teaches a lesson that we all will encounter in our lives. In the story the crabs were in a place they didn’t want to be and they had dreams and ambitions of making it out but made no actions to bring this dream to fruition until… You have to read the book to find out. Will they make it out? Will they reach their dreams?

  2. E. Yeschin

    Such a fun read and incredible illustrations! The narrative is clear while the direction still leaves a bit up for interpretation, which I love. A great lesson overall wrapped in a very fun and colorful package!

  3. Whitney Graves (verified owner)

    Very cute book to remind kids to have a growth mindset while also teaching a valuable life lesson! Don’t be like the crabs!

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