My upcoming book, Carrie the Photographer, is due out this fall. It is about a complex, challenging topic, anorexia nervosa. It is for ages 9-12 years old, but I hope it will move children of all ages. I had not seen many books about anorexia nervosa for children and felt that this was an important topic that needed to be addressed. In my profession, I came across children as young as 9 (girls and boys) that were suffering with this disorder and had to be admitted to inpatient eating disordered units. Surprisingly, some of them were of Hispanic origin. I never knew before this that Latinos struggled with this issue so it really opened my eyes to the epidemic in this specific population. I felt that this was a topic that needed to be addressed; who best to address that a therapist? The sensitivity of the subject needs to be carefully handled and I hope I did a good job in bringing this subject to light.

Carrie the Photographer, will be the third installment in The Heroes We Know book series. This series feature a book about a  specific mental health disorder and a character of a different race.  My first two books, Trey the Chef and Suzy the Dressmaker, talk about autism and anxiety respectively. I created this series to inspire children with mental health challenges to envision a better future for themselves. I want to provide education and awareness to children who don’t have those challenges so that they can be more empathetic human beings and show more compassion to others. I hope that my customers will continue to support me as I move through this initiative that I have taken on. I pray that more books will be created to offer children this type of hope and encouragement.

Thank you to my customers and readers for all your support thus far. As I have previously stated, it is not easy being a new small business owner and all I hope to achieve is to inspire one individual who feels heavy and weighed down by the world to feel a little lighter and brighter. I didn’t get into this for the money (because trust me, I’m not making much), I got into this to inspire and uplift kids and adults to feel like they are bigger than their problems and to fight to persevere and overcome their challenges. If all I achieve is that, I am much fulfilled.

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