September 23

Final review on CBD oil – Posted on 9/23/19


Just to give you a quick update, I have been using CBD oil on my son, who has Autism, for a month now. The brand I am using is by Koi full spectrum CBD oil (250 mg) and I put a dropper size under his tongue every morning before school. So far, the only difference I have noticed is that he is more verbal. He is using longer sentences and telling me more what he wants. I think I heard about children with Autism who suffer from seizures gaining verbal ability. So, although I have no scientific evidence to prove a linkage between CBD oil and speech, just call it ‘momma’s intuition’. I am not however, a medical professional or scientist or anyone with a medical background that can say that CBD oil has this effect on children with Autism but I hope that you will at least give it a try and see for yourself…


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