November 28

Pre-orders have begun!!!

Great news! I have begun pre-orders for the 3rd installment in the Trey the Chef collection, Trey the Chef Goes to Paris! This book is about an autistic boy’s magical adventure in Paris and his pursuit to be a chef. It is intended for ages 7-10. Included in this book will be a mini-French lesson and there will be a completely French edition of this book. I hope that all of you will purchase at least 1 copy of this book since this book will be available in both English and French. In the Jot form, you will find instructions on how to order and clear expectations on what the pre-order process will look like. You can find the Jot form here.

I also hope you will consider purchasing the other books in the Trey the Chef collection. They are available in our online store here. I believe in entertaining my readers but also in educating them. My books seek to bring awareness about very important topics including autism, that can be challenging to talk about.  

My books also glean on real life. For example, Trey the Chef are books about my son Trey and the future I envision for him. I would love to take him to Paris someday, which is also my birthplace. I want to immerse both my sons in different cultural experiences so they can be their best and most well-rounded selves. My hope is that I can provide this experience for all children.

Once you purchase and receive my books, feel free to share pictures of them on any of my social media platforms. I am on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. You can also leave book reviews for any one of the books you purchase directly on this website. I appreciate any support you offer and thank you in advance!

Love and light,



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I Help Authors Publish!
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