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Suzy, the Dressmaker – Posted on 1/6/2020


Happy Monday!!! This is my first blog of 2020; too excited! Today, I wanted to give you more background on my latest book set to be released on Valentine’s Day. It is called Suzy, the Dressmaker and details the story of a young girl who loves to design dresses but struggles with anxiety. It is a story of triumph and perseverance to show how she was able to overcome her debilitating fear and go on to do a life of fashion design! As you can tell, I write inspirational books about people who struggle with challenging problems but are able to find a way through these problems to pursue their life’s passions. I wanted to write this blog to tell you more about my inspiration behind ‘Suzy’ so you can understand why I wrote this book.

So, this book is dedicated to my long-time childhood friend. To provide more information without going into too much detail, my friend struggles with mental illness (Bipolar) and has struggled since her teens. She is receiving professional help but as you know with mental illness, there are highs and lows. My friend continues to struggle to this very day but she is managing because little does she know, she has a fighting spirit inside her. A spirit that refuses to settle and allow this disease to overcome her completely and just give up. A spirit that helps her manage to get up every day, where she works to provide other people with loving support through their own difficulties. I see her an example of tenacity and perseverance and I hope to offer her shining example to other kids who are also suffering with mental illness and may have lost hope. “Hope to those who feel hopeless” is the mark I would like to leave on this world. I want to succeed in doing so before I go onto my next destination (sorry to sound morbid).

‘Suzy’ was birthed from looking at my friend’s struggle and my own. I suffer from mild anxiety. Even though I have anxiety, I am fully functioning and am able to cope with it because of my religious faith and sheer refusal to allow it to cripple me. I ‘argue’ with my anxiety every day, which means I use self-talk to keep it under control by providing it with examples of how it is wrong with its irrational beliefs. If it weren’t for me being a therapist and employing my own techniques on myself (i.e. cognitive behavioral therapy), I would probably be worst off. I KNOW that anxiety is genetic because I remember my mom suffering from it as a child (her’s was much worst). I never want my children to be in a place where they do as well so I try to be an example to them.

This is not to say that if you have anxiety, you should not get professional help. Please do so, if you feel you need it. However, if you don’t feel it is that bad, there are ways you can keep it at bay. Consider meditation or yoga. If you are in Raleigh, my friend Patrice Graham, has a yoga studio called Colors of Yoga and also offers yoga classes for children. She has the only black-owned studio in the Raleigh area and she is very open to the LGBTQ community and people of all shapes and sizes! She also offers Reiki and meditation sessions. If you reside in Durham, check out yoga sessions with Amb Lives Well, positive lifestyle guru and yoga teacher. She does a class called Yoga Chill and Yoga Heat. These are not just friends of mine but they are strong femalepreneurs who are doing their thing in the yoga world. I advise you try their classes, even if you don’t feel your anxiety is that bad.

So now that you know a little about my story and inspiration behind Suzy, I hope that you will consider purchasing this book for your child or relative who has anxiety. Even though my books are primarily for children, teenagers and adults can benefit from the techniques I included as well. The presales for my book will take place on 1-11-20 and I will only have limited copies available. This will be the second book I will release from my collection titled “The Heroes You Know.” The Heroes You Know series will detail different books on characters with mental health challenges that are truly ‘heroes’ because they provide examples of how to move through challenges and find ways to succeed in life. The definition of a hero according to the Oxford dictionary is “a person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” The people that suffer with mental health challenges are mothers, fathers, siblings, grandchildren, friends, etc; people we all know and love. So, hence the title of my series… As I said before, this venture was God-breathed in me so I felt it was my duty to write this series given my professional background in mental health and my personal struggles. Also, children can benefit from a series such as this because they are suffering from mental health issues at much younger age. In my profession, I have seen children as young as 5 trying to die by suicide. Very sad and breaks your heart to know that there are children suffering this bad and that their only answer is to end their lives. So, please support your loved ones in this journey and offer them comfort in literature that aims to inspire and provide hope. Mental illness is NOT a death sentence and should never be. It is something you can live with each day and overcome with the use of tools that you can learn and use to manage it more appropriately. Sometimes, medication is needed but is best used in conjunction with therapy and coping skills. Professional help is nothing to be ashamed of and should never be…

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  Wishing you nothing but love, light, and peace of mind,



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