December 16

Trey the Chef x Avaz Partnership – Posted on 12/16/19


Books2Inspire has partnered with Avaz to offer a special discount to customers who purchase Trey the Chef. Avaz is an Augmentative and Alternative Communication app (AAC) that provides an electronic picture exchange communication system (PECS) and is compatible with Android cell phones and Ipads. It allows nonverbal children and adults to have the ability to communicate with the outside world. Most nonverbal children and adults have to resort to physical aggression to get what they want because they are so frustrated with not being able to speak. I felt that it was important to reach out to one of these AAC app companies to offer this special gift to my customers. I also think it is important to support a company who is doing such important work. This company is an award-winning company whose founder, Ajiit Narayanan, was named one of MIT’s Innovators of the year. This prestigious award was previously given to Sergey Brin, the inventor of Google and Johnathan Ive, Apple’s design head. I have also used Avaz myself and found it to be so helpful with my son and easy to use. It provides symbols, pictures, and texts to offer multiple options to choose from and provides voice output for each sentence or word that the child creates. I would not stand behind a product unless I truly believed in it. This option is an incredible option for parents, special ed educators, and aba therapists to facilitate communication in autistic children/adults. I am so pleased they decided to partner with me and offer a discount on their app. I hope this will inspire hope in families impacted by autism by giving them access to this app at a lower cost.

In addition, please keep in mind that due to Christmas holiday coming up, I can only offer guaranteed shipping of my book by Christmas if it purchased by Saturday, December 21st before 12 noon EST.

Also, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE, SUBSCRIBE! I enjoy seeing people visit my website from all over the world such as Canada, Italy, India, and Barbados. It really warms my heart and I hope that everyone gets something from viewing this website.

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