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Faith over Fear- Posted on 3/15/2020


I know it is easy to rely on fear not faith given this Corona pandemic. Especially when you are bombarded with posts on social media that do nothing but create anxiety over what is it to come. It is also easy to feel depression when having to stay put at home to avoid contact with others. “Social distancing” as they call it, is recommended method of preventing further spread of this virus. Social distancing can be lonely for extroverts like me who like being around others and feeling drained from being alone too long. I am concerned about losing my mind if a MANDATORY quarantine is put in place by the governor. I pray things don’t get that bad…

This recent situation has made it clear to me how strong my faith is in the one who made me. I respect and value others’ faiths whether you don’t believe in God at all, are spiritual but not religious, or you believe in other gods. However, my faith is in Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior. That belief is part of who I am and influences every decision I make. I believe that God will take care of me in this recent epidemic. If I get sick with this virus, I will be fine. If I don’t get sick with this virus but have to deal with being quarantined, I will also be fine. God has prepared me for such a time as this. God didn’t send Daniel out into the den of lions, without making sure he could survive this situation. He prepared a place of rest for him in the midst of adversity and trial. I believe that He does this for ALL his children.

For those who still are experiencing anxiety about the unknown that they can’t shake off or who don’t adhere to a particular religion, I want to offer tools to get through these trying times. There are plenty of strategies that you can incorporate into your daily living now that you are home. Meditation is one. They are lots of great apps that you can use such as Headspace, Calm, or Breethe. I know that Headspace offers a free trial and I love the sound of that British man’s voice. Something about that beautiful accent that just soothes me, lol! Also, inside my new book Suzy the Dressmaker, there is a guided imagery activity in the back that can help you and your children feel more relaxed and less anxious while you spend time at home. If you practice this enough, you can use this as a regular exercise for you and your children when you encounter other situations that make you feel anxious. There are other calming activities for the whole family such as smooshing clay or Playdoh (my personal favorite), stretching (check out Colors of Yoga for their virtual yoga sessions), cooking (Trey the Chef has two recipes to do with your kids), organizing your closet, or reading. Take advantage of this time of rest but distract yourself if you become too overwhelmed with everything that is going on with the outside world. Sometimes you have to de-plug to de-stress!

I wish everyone well during this time of transition and ask that you utilize your self-care strategies to take care of yourself as well as your loved ones. Remember, you have to first put the oxygen mask on yourself before you put it on your child because how can you help someone else if you too are struggling? Make sure you figure out what works for you to help get yourself and your family through this challenging situation.

Love and light,



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