January 15

Free counseling resources for those on a budget

The first step in recovery from mental illness is realizing you have a problem and the second step is seeking professional help. But is counseling really that easy to come by?

The short answer is no.

Let’s be real. Counseling can be out of most people’s price range. Even with insurance. Those co-pays add up and when you compare it to the other expenses that are unavoidable (food, gas, rent/mortgage, bills…), it becomes a lower priority. This is why so many folks quit therapy before they have really even gotten started due to financial constraints.

But where there is a will, there is a way…

There are opportunities out there to get FREE therapy. Most people do not consider the options that I am going to point out to you but because I love you (even though I don’t know you), I’m going to let you in on some dirty little secrets…

Did you know that your employers pre-pay for therapy for you? Yes, it is called an Employee Assistance Program otherwise known as (EAP) and your company pays for a certain amount of sessions for you that are free of cost. None of it goes through your insurance so you have that extra layer of confidentiality. It’s an awesome way to get therapy and save money. And some employers cover counseling for multiple issues that allow for you to request additional sessions. You can receive counseling in person or virtually, so I highly recommend you take advantage of this offer.

Another thing to consider is pastoral counseling. If you are part of a church community, you may be able to get counseling through your pastor regarding whatever personal issues you are having. I recommend this for someone with mild to moderate issues and not someone who has a clinical diagnosis of any kind (i.e. Major Depression, Schizophrenia, etc.). If you have anything that warrants therapeutic treatment, you must see a therapist. If you are dealing with issues such as trouble in your marriage or at work, then seeing a Pastoral counselor may make perfect sense. Pastoral counseling is usually free of cost but always verify this with your church first.

There are also tons of crisis hotlines out there where you can get one-off counseling. You can call the National Suicide Prevention Hotline at 988 or text HOME to 741741. There are also tons of other hotlines here based on whatever issues you are having. There is nothing wrong with reaching out for help. I’d rather you do that, than do something you will regret.

Last but not least, consider literature as a means of support. They are great self-help books on a variety of issues that can offer you some temporary relief. If you need recommendations, I am going to be honest with you, I don’t have any. I’m more of a fiction kinda girl but what I would recommend is that you use Amazon as a resource to search for a book on a particular topic or get a recommendation from a family member or friend who is an avid reader. On this website, we have children’s literature geared towards building emotional intelligence and mental wellness, if you have some little ones who need that kind of support as well.

I hope that this was helpful. Sometimes you have to be creative with the resources you have available to you already. Not everyone can afford to seek out therapy through insurance or pay privately. Those are luxuries most of us don’t have. So rather than struggle financially while getting therapy which can add to your stress, try the free resources I’ve given you.

Please also feel free to check out our other blog articles and our online shop for children’s books. We also offer coaching for self-publishing and will suspend all services this August for the remainder of the year so we advise you get started with us soon, especially if you want to pay for one of our more comprehensive packages.

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