March 18

I Help Authors Publish!

So, I did a thing…

Now if you don’t know, I have been providing coaching services for aspiring authors for about a year now. My coaching service teaches new authors how to self-publish, where to self-publish based on their unique needs, and how to reach their target market using social media. This has been a passion project for me since I love to help people reach their goals in general and wanted to assist someone in publishing their first book under their own name or company. In essence, I am helping folks become business owners and generate an additional stream of revenue. After my first experience in providing coaching, I realized how much went into it and that I had no choice but to increase my prices for my coaching packages because of my time investment.

Well, despite interest from many, I was not able to seal the deal with getting more clients. I think my prices discouraged folks interested in publishing because they didn’t have the financial means to do so. I felt quite discouraged about this but realized that with everything there is a solution. And I think I found one…

Introducing my new coaching service known as a-la-carte coaching. With this type of coaching you pay per session rather than a lump sum for a pre-determined amount of sessions upfront. It is no-commitment coaching. For example, if you change your mind about me and want to go with a different coach you can. You can also decide to defer the coaching and try to self-publish on your own or do more coaching at a later date. This type of coaching allows you to have more flexibility.

I think for someone who is budget conscious and doesn’t have a strict timeline to publish their first book, this is the perfect option! Now, there are two conditions you have to meet: 1) You have to have a complete manuscript 2) The manuscript must be for a children’s book. The reason is that the adult and children’s world of book publishing is vastly different and I am only knowledgeable about publishing a children’s book. Also, I don’t do writing coaching or ghostwriting. Eventually, I will be looking at adding ghostwriting to the services offered but I will be honest, the price point for this will be steep. Ghostwriting requires you to write in that person’s voice and then get paid for them to take the credit and that should receive appropriate compensation. For right now, I am going to stick to coaching and hope to bring on more coaching students under me and turn them into authors!

Here is what to expect with my a-la-carte coaching package:
Step 1: Review your draft together
Step 2: Review it with an editor
Step 3: Work through edit recommendations and finalize layout of book
Step 4: Find illustrator
Step 5: Work with illustrator on different images
Step 6: Determine where/how to publish
Step 7: Publish
Step 8: Marketing

 (This is subject to change depending on author’s work and how many revisions need to be made.)

A-la-carte coaching is one of four coaching services I offer. Be sure to go here and decide which option works best for you. You can also schedule a FREE 30-minute discovery call with me before you decide. This is a great way to discuss your book project and determine if we are a good fit before any money is exchanged. You can contact me by filling out a brief info form here and then we can discuss when a discovery call can happen.

I hope to see you soon. It excites me to bring more fantastic children’s book authors into the book industry. More stories need to be told from diverse authors from different walks of life!!! All stories deserve representation.

Warm regards,



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