October 24

Interview with Lu Camy- A Hypnotherapist

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lu Camy, a hypnotherapist who resides in Ithaca, NY. As a former client of her’s, I know how much value she brings in the work that she does with her clients and the information she offers about mental wellness. So I asked if could interview her for those looking to improve their mental wellness using nontraditional methods and I’m so happy she agreed.

You just recently moved to Ithaca, NY from Chapel Hill. How are you liking it there?

Ithaca is a charming town. I like to mountain feeling and all the beauty that surrounds it. I am very connected to the waters and enjoy spending time close to lakes and waterfalls. I also love that it is a very earthy community of people striving for sustainable living.

What inspired you to become a hypnotherapist? Is this your soul’s purpose or is there other work you are looking to do as well?

I became a hypnotherapist because I wanted to serve my clients in the best way possible. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool to help solve different emotional, mental, and physical issues. I feel delighted to see my clients changing and improving the quality of their lives. I believe we have the same purpose: to find inner peace and share it with others. So, the format isn’t that important. I am working as a hypnotherapist, but I try not to attach my sense of identity to it. We can fulfill our purpose in different ways. I like to keep myself open rather than rigid and explore my creative self. I believe that when we keep an open mind, we are more willing to learn and discover new things about ourselves and the meaning of life. I have many projects that I would like to bring into form, and I am willing to explore my ideas with a sense of ease. So, as long as what I do brings peace to myself and others, I am fulfilling my purpose. The rest is play.

I imagine there are some common issues that people need help with that they seek out your hypnotherapy services. What are those themes?

The common themes are anxiety, relationship, and health issues.

What do you find most rewarding about your work as a hypnotherapist? What are some challenges?

It is incredible to see people changing their inner state and life condition so fast. For example, a person that doesn’t feel motivated or feels lost finds her inner strength and connection to self after a few sessions. In hypnotherapy, we work with the emotional blocks that lead to unwanted behaviors. Once they are released, it becomes easier to undo wrong perceptions of the mind. The greatest challenge is to let go of expectations towards each person’s process. Some people require more time to release their internal blocks and see change taking place.

I recently listened to your recent podcast episode about self-sabotage. Why do you think people engage in this type of behavior? What issues can self-sabotaging behaviors cause? How can people stop engaging in this type of behavior?

Self-sabotaging is rooted in a deep sense of unworthiness. If there is a subconscious belief that we are unworthy, we will act in a way to confirm this idea. We will destroy what can be beautiful, and we will lack the confidence to follow through with our plans, so later, we return to that same pattern of inadequacy and failure. If we want to stop the cycle of self-sabotaging ourselves, we need to become willing to let go of the old ideas about ourselves to tap into our inner power. This inner power or creative intelligence lies in everyone.

How does hypnotherapy help someone who is dealing with mental health challenges? Do you recommend this service over traditional talk therapy and why?

Hypnotherapy is an adjunct to other treatments. In hypnosis, we release the fight or flight response and relax the nervous system. In a more relaxed state of mind, we can tap into our creative intelligence, and we become more capable of making better decision for ourselves. We learn how to use our inner resources to create health and well-being. Hypnotherapy is not a substitute for mental health treatments.

Tell us about you outside the therapy room. What do you like to do for fun?

I love hiking with my dog and painting in watercolor.

What services do you offer within your hypnotherapy program? What are the benefits to someone utilizing your services?

I offer private sessions for people seeking to heal from trauma, regain their sense of power and live a fulfilling life. I also guide people to connect with their purpose and discover the formats that best align with them.

I mentioned you had a podcast earlier, tell us some things that you are planning to discuss in future podcast episodes.

Thank you, Kira, for the opportunity to talk about my practice and show. In the podcast, I bring up the topics I have been discussing with clients and friends. I would say that they are centered on personal and spiritual growth. I would love to talk more about self-sabotaging. It was a topic that resonated with a lot of people.

 For those who want to learn about your services, where can they find you online?


Instagram @lu.camy

Podcast https://open.spotify.com/show/3zdTVvQH96alEZNCc3fmGg


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