November 7

Interview with Shamina Williams- A Poet

“There is a lesson to be told by your story as it unfolds.” ~ Kira Parris-Moore

Shamina embodies this principle to the fullest. She went through life-changing experiences that could have broken her but instead she used her testimony to help and uplift other women who have gone through similar experiences. Through meeting her, I truly understand how beautiful of a soul she is. She has a quiet strength. This makes her easily a woman to be reckoned with and probably led her to working with others to help them uncover their own inner strength. It is my pleasure to bring you her story so that you too can learn about all this dynamic woman has to offer!

How did you get your start as a poet? Poetry was a natural talent gifted to me. I began writing poetry in elementary school; poetry became a way to cope with issues that I was facing involving molestation and multiple sexual assaults I survived and domestic violence. Tell us more about your background as a writer. It took me decades to identify as a writer and I still struggle with that title today. Adopting the title poet is simply easier, because writing poetry comes naturally whereas writing in general, not so much. But I will publish my first fictional novel next fall. Also, I’m looking to publish another compilation of poetry next spring.

Your company, Life Lines Professional Services, LLC, provides writing therapy for those looking to heal from trauma. How did you come up with this mission and why do you believe that writing can actually heal? Well, I inadvertently came up with the mission. I knew writing was therapeutic for me and was a way that I could positively cope with the pain and isolation that I often felt. And I thought, this could possibly help others, and you don’t have to be a natural at writing to reap the benefits. I found myself volunteering for a local organization, Interact, where I worked the crisis hotline for years. I later pitched an idea of a writing group to the organization, and it was accepted. I was paired with the sexual assault group. God is amazing and funny in this way. So, when I decided to publish my book, I also wanted to provide a service for survivors of sexual abuse and domestic violence that was outside the realms of traditional therapy and here we are.

You wrote a book in 2020 called In the Midst of Me. Can you tell us more about your book and how it came to be? This is my first book baby. Many of the pieces in this work are over 15 years old. I knew I wanted my work published, so for years I applied to endless poetry competitions, with my work never being selected, but hundreds of dollars invested. A few of my pieces appeared in a Canadian poetry anthology, but then I shifted my focus to self-publishing.

How would you suggest one get their start in writing? Write, every day, even if it’s just 20 minutes a day. Constantly activate your creativity through hobbies and read the books related to the genre you are interested in.  What resources are out there for those looking to self-publish like you? Kindle Direct Publishing, YouTube, Bowker and research a great editor. All writers are not editors. There are also a few women I learned a great deal from that offer great insight and services for inspiring writers, such as Sharai Robbin and Monique D. Mensah.

What is one lesson you hope people get from your journey as a writer? As a writer, your story needs to be told and there is a space for people to hear it. We all have a story to tell.

We would love to hear some of your poetry. Can you provide us with a brief excerpt from your poetry book? ❝…deep inside the wholeness of my incompleteness, there resides an honesty that I’m afraid of
memories that terrify and lose me completely
deep within is a love that springs forth with utterances of peace, serenity, confidence and joy…healing
deep are the bruises, scars, soul ties that still leave scorn…❞

Where can people find you online if they want to reach out about your services?
IG: @lifelinesproservllc

Twitter: @lifelinesforyou

Pinterest: Life Lines Professional Services, LLC

FaceBook: Life Lines Professional Services, LLC


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I Help Authors Publish!

I Help Authors Publish!
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