June 23

New Changes Coming Soon!


I am so excited to announce that our new website will be launched this month. There will be some additions to the website and it will have a more stream-lined look making it more user friendly. I can’t wait for you all to see what is coming down the pipe. I would say more but I want it to be a surprise reveal. I hope that you all like it!

 I am so pleased to be one year into this company and starting to see some new developments and changes. I can’t say I have not been hit by Co-vid because I have. Yes, I am still making money, but I believe that I would have made a lot more had it not been for this pandemic. The pandemic certainly slowed things down with book sales but I am just grateful I have a job and additional income that I can lean on. I hope that when you can, you will take a look at my online bookstore by clicking Shop and make a purchase. Every penny counts when you are a small business. Also feel free to subscribe or share my business on your various social media accounts. I appreciate support on all levels.

In addition, I think that is important due to what is going on with the police brutality and rioting, I thought I would release a statement about our company’s take on things. Please see the statement from Books2Inspire below:

“ We as a company don’t condone police brutality or violence on any level. Not to people of color. Not to the police. Not to anyone. Violence is not the way. If you are angry, I understand. If you think that burning businesses down that have nothing to do with the situation, I don’t understand.  I come from a place of love and peace for my brothers and sisters. Instead of destroying the nation, let’s work to build a better one. One that is inclusive of all minorities and classes and not exclusive and divisive.”

We at Books2Inspire love hard. We love every creed, color, class, and are accepting of other’s differences. We can’t prescribe to any thought that accepts hate and rejects love and is not open to make positive change.  If you don’t prescribe to this philosophy, then I love you still. I just hope that you will eventually come to find peace and see that there may be a better way.

Love and light,



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I Help Authors Publish!

I Help Authors Publish!
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