July 27

Interview with author, Darryl Farley


Hello, blogging world. I am baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack! I know it has been awhile but let me tell you, I  been busy writing books and such. I missed blogging and interviewing people, especially authors. Well listen, today I have a special treat for you. Today, I interviewed an inspiring author who just recently published his first book. He was inspired to write this book because he is a father  with two young sons. Well, he hit it out the park with his first book, I Will Be Here. He was even featured in the local news for his book. When I saw his book and his feature in the news, I just had to reach out to him on Instagram. I am so pleased he was willing to do the interview and tell us more about himself and his book. Please see his interview below:

1.) How did you get into writing?

I got the inspiration to write because, I wanted to create a keepsake for my sons and their future children. I wrote the book to allow my children to see themselves and a positive narrative reflected in a book about fatherhood and the foundation of a family. I got into writing to write my own story and to create a lasting legacy.

2.) I absolutely loved your book, I Will Be Here! What inspired you to write it?

After reading a bedtime story to my 4-year-old son, the night of April 16, 2020, I realized there weren’t many children books that captured the presence of black fathers being family men. There were hardly any children books that showed the impact that black fathers have on their children lives. With that in mind, I decided to write a children’s book from a black father’s perspective that vowed to teach, motivate, listen, and spread love to their child(ren). Writing the content for the book took me a total of 2 hours to finish, only because I knew exactly what I wanted to express to my children. I have never forgotten the feeling of growing up without a father figure for the majority of my childhood and the things I needed as well as wanted from my father. I utilized the lack of a present father in my formative years to help me formulate the messages to express the fact that I will always be there for my sons and to make sure my kids will never feel the way I did. I titled the book, “I Will Be Here” as a promise to my sons that I will truly be here for each of their milestones and along with them on their journey from boys to men.

What do you think is important for black fathers to keep in mind when raising children? How do you hope to be a positive role model for your boys?

3.) I hope the readers see the importance of black fathers and male leadership within families. I hope fathers read this book to their children and hold themselves accountable and create lasting relationships with their child(ren). “I Will Be Here” will continue to break the cycle.

The impact of what I lacked as a child and young man, shaped my goal of becoming the most involved father possible when I had a child. When my wife and I decided to start our family, I knew I would be able to break the cycle and give my son(s) experiences and memories I wish I had with my father.  I want my sons to know I will support them throughout their entire life.

4.) How are you and your family holding up during the pandemic? What are some activities you do with the boys at home to keep them entertained?

Before the pandemic, we generally stayed at home, due to the birth of our second son in January of 2020. We spend the majority of our time reading, playing games and creating activities. We also schedule FaceTime and Zoom calls with family members and playmates to keep social while social distancing.

5.) Any future books in the works? What topics would you like to cover in your writing?

I haven’t started writing any future books as of yet. But, I would love to write a children’s book about healthy and loving relationships.

6.) How do you hope your talent/gift for writing with inspire the world?

I would like for schools/ teachers to utilize my book as part of their curriculum so all youth can see black families/families of color in a positive light as well as display the importance of an involved father within the family. I would like the book to be used as motivation to give children concrete examples of the importance of family. The book has the ability to allow children to express their feeling about what they love about their families, what they feel they are missing and how they plan to change patterns they don’t like when they become parents.

7.)  Where can we find you on social media?

Instagram -far_ley

Twitter handle-far_ley

I hope everyone is holding up well during this pandemic and gearing up for back to school, In one of my blogs, next month I plan to talk about my thoughts regarding virtual learning, especially for special needs kids. Let’s just say, I am not happy about it, lol.

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