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Small business relief – Posted on 3/24/2020


Happy Tuesday! Isn’t this a treat; 2 blogs in one week?! Well blame it on Coronavirus and being on a voluntary quarantine. I just found out that school will be delayed all the way until May 15th (yaaaaay, rolls eyes). Now, I must deal with keeping two kids under 9 occupied while working from home. But my plight is small when compared to others. I mean other people are now having to deal with loss of childcare, loss of employment, loss of freedom, etc. It is very hard and trying times right now. I think about business owners (specifically small business owners) who have now to find a means to an end to keep their business afloat once Corona is over. Many of these brick and mortars are really suffering especially if they are in the service industry. I am so passionate about this being a small business myself but am glad I have been fortunate to manage without due to being a) an online business b) gainfully employed in another industry. However, many others have made the brave decision as an entrepreneur to risk it all and now they are really risking it without the support of the federal government. This enrages me and because I feel I must do my part I am going to highlight these local businesses to ensure that they receive the acknowledgement they deserve.

Even though a lot of these businesses not be acting to their full capacity, does not mean you can’t support them with your dollars. They are lots of ways you can support these local businesses such as buying gift cards or shopping on their online stores. Some of these businesses are even doing curbside pickup for things such as books or takeout. So, consider these options as ways to keep these businesses afloat.

Here are some great local finds that I love and are available to not just locals but can be utilized all over the country:

1) The Regulator Bookstore– This beautiful, classic bookshop has an online bookstore that can be found here. It even carries both books I have written, Suzy the Dressmaker and Trey the Chef. I love it because it feels intimate when I go in like neighborhood shop should. It has a wide variety of selection such as traditionally published books mixed with indie books. It is definitely a bookstore where you can find a little bit of everything.

2) Colors of Yoga– This is one of the few black owned yoga studios in Raleigh and is very open to all shapes and sizes including the LGBTQ community. They have temporarily closed their doors due to the Coronavirus but are offering virtual classes through Zoom. They are currently on a pay as you go setup, in the event you are experiencing financial difficulties. They are also offering a reduced rate for their virtual classes. These are live classes that where the instructors offers feedback so if you are a beginner yogi, this is a plus! Consider these classes especially if you are like me and live in Durham and don’t want to travel as far as downtown Raleigh, lol! Check out the class schedule on their website.

3) Destinee Barnes- Since local salons are closed due to Co-Vid 19, please consider this home-based salon. She is a natural hair specialist who knows how to push the envelope with her creative hairstyling skills. Her specialty is locs but she also does other hairstyles such as braids, sew-ins, crochet, etc. Her motto is “hair should be neat… not tight.” She is the FIRST hairdresser I have ever gone to that got my hair right every…single…time. I never have to worry about Destinee not hooking me up when I get my hair done. She has a Facebook and Instagram page so her services can be sought out through those channels.

4) Book Harvest– offers ongoing literacy support to families and their children through book donations that they offer for FREE to children. They were at a recent event I went to for an author reading by Derrick Barnes. I got an armful of barely used children’s books that looked amazing by some well known writers. I was elated since I love books! They have a local store in Durham as well if you want to check out the books they have to offer when they reopen. They accept monetary donations where you can go to their website to contribute here or drop the books you would like to donate at  2501 University Drive, in the Rockwood Shopping Center in Durham. Since the office is probably closed, simply drop the books in the collection bin by their front door!

5) Zumba with Erica Dixon– I have come to be a big fan of this exercise because of this lady. She brings so much energy to her dance routines and gives you a great workout too! Well, she has now moved to virtual classes through Zoom due to Covid-19 and you can participate in a free class tomorrow (3/25). All you need to do is go here. She also has a fan page on Facebook.

6) Hummus Café- I used to frequent this restaurant a lot with my old co-worker because it was close to my work location. I was not a huge fan of Mediterranean food but this place changed my mind. Their food is delicious, and they have a variety. They offer a buffet and they also make food available to order. You can order your food online and see if they will deliver to your location. If they do, you are in for a treat!

Here are just a few options to consider. If you are in the RTP area and have additional suggestions to offer, please consider commenting below to highlight these businesses so others can know they should patron them too.

In addition, I just reduced the amount of my Kindle Ebook for Suzy, the Dressmaker to $2.99 due to Co-vid 19 and also as a birthday promotion. I will be turning the big 39 in April and wanted to offer my readers the option to have an Ebook to use at home with their children. Also, if you have Kindle Unlimited, you can read it for free. So, please take advantage of this book which can be used as a psychoeducational tool to alleviate anxiety in these uncertain times we are in.

Love and light,



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