April 11

The Premiere Books 2 Inspire Event


I know it’s been awhile…

But we have been busy. So busy getting ready and preparing for our premiere Books2sinpire event. We are so excited to bring you all this book goodness with 10 other authors of color who will be showcasing their books. All the authors selected for this vendor event have inspiring books for people of all ages. We hope you will join us for this one-of-a-kind book event. Vegan soul food, desserts and beverages will be available, and you can read and enjoy your yummy book while sitting outdoors.

Our mission behind this event is to promote literacy. People don’t read anymore. I was told by a friend that in a recent poll less than 33% of people read one book in a year. ONE book! I would have thought this percentage would have been higher with the pandemic but apparently not. And to be honest, I’m not surprised. With the popularity of streaming services and the world opening back up from Covid, people have less and less time to read. Or better yet, they don’t make time to read. This is very, very sad. Reading stimulates the mind. It relaxes you before bed. It promotes creativity. There are so many benefits to reading. Unfortunately, the general population doesn’t take advantage. Reading isn’t cool. It isn’t popular. It’s still considered “nerdy” and “square” to read. Well, I want to do what I can to make reading cool. Streaming services, clubs, restaurants, have enough of our money. It is time to give it back to ourselves by opening up our minds and stimulating our brains. My vocabulary is the way it is because my mother encouraged reading when I was a child. My favorite place to go was the library. I still remember getting a stack of books with my friends and competing with them on who could read through our stacks the fastest. We made a game out of reading.

It is so disappointing that my kids and most kids nowadays don’t like to read anymore. I wonder if it is because of lack of time or lack of motivation or both. When thinking about creative ways to get my kids to read more, I am at a loss. My only solution would be to think that maybe if they met the author behind the book, they would be inspired to read more. People crave connection and I think connecting readers to the authors and the books they write would add value to the reader’s experience. That’s why I created these book events. To allow readers, especially little ones, to have access to the books from authors in their community. I hope that this may create a special kind of experience for these children to incite them to read more and perhaps want to write books of their own someday.

If you are from the Raleigh or Durham area, I hope you will join us for our Easter themed author event and our future events. If you want to know what authors will be there, please fill out our information form and we will add you to our mailing list. We can’t wait to meet all of our future readers!!!


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I Help Authors Publish!

I Help Authors Publish!
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