March 29

Trey the Chef: Cooking Camp


I am so excited to say that Trey the Chef: Cooking Camp is out today!!!

I know I’m cheesy but, on another note…this book has truly been a labor of love. I can’t tell you how much blood, sweat, and tears has been put into this book. Self-publishing is probably the greatest challenge I have ever taken on and it requires a level of tediousness that is not in my repertoire of skills and abilities. However, I relish in challenging myself to do new things and eventually master them to the point when I can do them without thinking. I have a few books under my belt, but I still miss things here and there prompting me to constantly make changes. So luckily for you, you get plenty of editions so no one book is the same…lol! I’m a perfectionist (blame my anxiety) so I CAN’T stand for something not to be just the way I like it.

So enough about myself…let me tell you about this inspiration behind the book. This book is inspired by my son, Trey who has autism. Trey is an energetic 9-year-old boy who is very rambunctious and mischievous. He likes to annoy his little brother and test limits. I discovered Trey’s love of cooking when he was 6 and I nurtured it by taking him to cooking classes at Flour Power in Cary, but I think he didn’t like being around other kids so he self-sabotaged by making noises and acting silly. Then the pandemic hit…and we haven’t been back since last year. My hope is that with some maturity and growing older, we can resume these cooking classes. But in the meantime, we will teach him to cook from home. Right now, we have to overcome his fear of the stove. He gets nervous when the oil begins to pop and thinks he is going to get burned. I am trying to encourage him to trust me and know that mommy will do everything in his power to keep him safe. It makes sense for him to feel the way he does but I want him to have independent living skills for when he gets older. So, I will continue to push him and encourage him to be his best self just like I would his neurotypical brother.

Trey the Chef: Cooking Camp is the second book in the Trey the Chef series. This will be one of many books to come. Next book slated in this series Trey the Chef Goes to Paris in 2022. I am so excited for all the books to come regarding this young autistic chef and what he will do next. Here’s a little snippet of my latest release, Trey the Chef: Cooking Camp:

This little boy has big talent in the kitchen. But will loud noises and bustling classes test his limits… or see him soar?

Trey is so ready to whip up something delicious. Starting his first day at cooking camp, the young autistic chef looks forward to learning more about his most favorite thing in the world. But as soon as he gets there, he struggles to contain his overwhelming anxiety when he confronts the oversized crowd and chaos that ensues.

Scared it’s all becoming more than he can handle, Trey can’t stop his nervous emotions from spiraling out of control. But when someone kind steps in to help him, the determined youngster’s huge “Oh, no!” moment might turn into something oh-so right.

Can Trey overcome the challenges and show off his tasty skills?

In this delightful offering featuring a hero facing developmental obstacles, kids will learn to celebrate the unique gifts and abilities of their peers. From discovering compassion to appreciating each other’s differences, children can develop emotional intelligence while being inspired to nurture individual strengths. Fun recipes and important resources are included for families impacted by autism.

Trey the Chef: Cooking Camp is the charming second installment in the Trey the Chef illustrated children’s book series for ages 4-7. If you and your child like optimistic characters, cheerful settings, and relatable adventures, then you’ll love Kira Parris-Moore’s heartwarming dish.

Thank you to all my readers and supporters. I can’t say thank you enough for taking the time to read my blogs and purchase my books.  Please make sure to leave reviews on Amazon and GoodReads after you read my books. Your support is very much appreciated.

Love and light,



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