June 3

Why Is Having A Personal Coach So Important?


Writing is not an easy feat, and neither is publishing. Publishing your first book can be super hard, even with the information highway at your fingertips. That is why it is important to have a guide through this process. Someone who can walk you through the land mines, pitfalls, missteps, etc. Someone who can help you save time, energy and most importantly, MONEY!

The reason mentorship is so big is that it is so vital to helping beginners entering a new field of interest shorten their learning curve and is a fast track to early success. Without mentorship, you are left fumbling in the dark, hoping you find the light on your own, while using your own unproven methods. But with a mentor by your side, you are a force to be reckoned with. You have someone who is an expert in your chosen area and that can show you the ropes. Someone who motivates you, who makes you feel comfortable taking this leap of faith. Because it is a leap doing something new, but it feels so much better having someone hold your hand while you embark on this journey.

You may have missed this, but I offered free coaching consultations for new and existing authors all this month. I enjoyed listening to different author’s story ideas and hearing their journey to moving towards their dream. Coaching packages will be available soon next month, and I hope that if you are a new or existing author, you allow me to help you on your journey to creating your first or best book yet!!!

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I Help Authors Publish!

I Help Authors Publish!
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