August 17

Exciting updates!


Happy Monday ya’ll!!!!!!!! I decided to do this impromptu blog because I wanted to share some updates with you all about what is coming next with Books2Inspire. And it’s A LOT….lol. So I thought I might write it down so I can make sure I don’t miss anything. SO, here you go…

First and foremost, my latest book “The Barrel” will be coming soon. The illustrator is very meticulous and is taking her sweet time on these illustrations but it’s all good because she does good work. I LOVE what she has so far so I know you will too. It’s almost like something out of a cartoon or Pixar movie. It’s THAT good. So, patience is a virtue and I will be patient and hope you will do the same. If you don’t follow me on social media, this ebook will be about collective cooperation. It is intended for children between the age of 6-8 but I think that all children older and younger can grasp this concept. The Barrel is about the demise of a family of crabs who unfortunately can’t get it together to help one another. This book does not have a happy ending so if you are looking for a fairy tale type story, this is not it! It emphasizes the importance of working together for the greater good. So, I hope you like it. I leave it up to interpretation what exact concepts I am referring to with the story I have told.

The next book that will coming out after this is Carrie the Photographer in the fall. Now this book will be in print version and ebook version. It is the story of a Latinx girl who has an eating disorder. It encourages girls to look deeper within as well as love their natural bodies too. With social media, there is so pressure to be perfect and fit this body image that is unattainable. So, I want young girls to embrace their authentic selves and realize that their uniqueness is what makes them beautiful. I have an illustrator who shares the same background as the lead character so there will be all those LatinX touches in the book that will highlight the aspects of this culture. I can’t wait….

I have a vendor event coming up where I will be selling my books. I will be at The Black Flea Market at the Kappa Center in Raleigh on Sunday, August 30th. This will be my third event there, so I am excited. I enjoy working with Queen Hustle and find the whole Black Flea Market experience to be so inviting and exciting. I have had some bad experiences with certain vendors (they will remain nameless) but Queen Hustle is A1; both professional and personable. I thank Queen Hustle for making me a part of their regular lineup.

Coming very soon, I will be on 103.9 The Light; at least my voice will be. The radio station will be running regular radio ads about my business from 8/23-8/30. So, make sure to listen up to hear more about my business and SUPPORT, SUPPORT, SUPPORT! I can’t say this enough…I can not do what I do without money so please make sure to support. The ebooks I provide for free were not illustrated for free. Illustrators cost money and yes, even though I get some good deals it is still hundreds of dollars. I am not going to beg because I have too much pride for that, lol, but I do want you to understand that when you can and if you can, please support with your dollars. I want to be able to continue to offer free ebooks to you to spread my books among the masses but can’t continue to afford to do that if you don’t buy my books that come with a price. I try my very best to also use my dollars to support other small black businesses and would appreciate any support that can be offered in return. Thanks in advance!

Finally this month, I will be doing an interview centered around the viral Coronavirus ebook “Why We Stay Home” by medical students, Samantha Harris and Devon Scott. It has had over 40,000 downloads, translated in multiple languages, and was actually featured on the PBS news hour. In addition, it is inspired the two medical students to create a whole Millie and Suzie series, where they discuss various type of doctors and parts of the body. I love this! They are medical students writing children’s books about health and black to boot? I knew I had to interview them.

Well that’s about it. I am glad you tuned in and hope to see you back soon!

Love and light,



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