August 3

The Power of Manifestation


Today is one of those days that I am in a writing mood. I don’t know how to explain it but as a writer for me it is like something overcomes me (almost like a wave) where I feverishly write about something that I am passionate about. It didn’t occur to me what I would write about today. I just knew I wanted to write something. I had not planned to write anything for two weeks for my next blog so I could not figure out why I wanted to write so badly.

Then, I remembered my therapist gave me an assignment from our last session. She wanted me to write a letter to my future self, one year from today’s date. I am to write everything I have accomplished in major areas of my life such as family, career, relationships, health, finances, etc. Tell myself in detail how I feel, where I am, and all the good things I want to see in one year.

Well, let me tell you I was up for the challenge. In 30 minutes, I had my letter. I was going to share it with only her but something in my spirit moved me to share it with the world by putting it up on this blog. I think it is important that we all write such a letter to our future selves. Manifestation is very important, and ideas and things can become manifested just from written word. I won’t even go into the religious significance of this since I know some people that visit my website may not be religious but for those of us who are, we understand the importance of the written word. Immediately, I felt myself on the verge of tears when I finished the letter. I am so impressed with how vulnerable I allowed myself to be in this letter and it gave me amazing insight as to what is truly important. I am so grateful to have met my therapist at the exact time I needed to meet her. She came exactly when I needed at the time when I would be the most open. I thank God for her and all she has taught me every day and I make sure to share it with others, including those that I serve.

So here it goes:

Here is my letter:


Dear Kira,

Look at you. You are now one step closer to your dream. An accomplished author, publisher, and screenwriter. You are a sight to behold. You make your ancestors proud. Your family proud. YOU have done it. I am so proud of you. Your tenacity and perseverance have carried you through. You didn’t give up. You had plenty of chances to do so. Life threw you some curve balls. Some challenges. Some dark things that you don’t even want to speak of. But you are healing from them. You have found your way out of the darkness and stepped into the light. You are enjoying the simple pleasures in life. You are travelling. You are enjoying your children; maybe a third is added to the brood or maybe not. Either way, you are ok with that. You are happy with where you are at while still striving to accomplish more. You are working towards your legacy. Your children depend on that. You and your husband are more harmonious in your communication with one another. You don’t depend on him to fix things because that negates your own resourcefulness. You are resourceful. You are powerful beyond measure. You have tapped into your inner greatness and “treasures” and anyone that comes into your life is just an accessory to that greatness; a helper. You are a better friend but one that does not act as a savior because people don’t need to be saved. They are perfect as they are. You plant seeds when people need help, but you DO NOT carry the burden. Life will always work out the way it is supposed to because you are not the one in control; Jesus is. He carries the burden for you. Don’t worry. Your anxiety has diminished if not gone away completely. You no longer carry the heavy weight of your burdens and those of others. Jesus died for this and only He has the strength to carry this. Let HIM carry it for once. Your immense strength comes from HIM but you will now channel it into working on things for yourself and your family. Your family is everything. You have examples of what it is to create a legacy. Your grandfather, Samuel Gibbs did it. He spoke to you in dreams with your grandmother. You have the support of your ancestors. They walk with you in this journey towards greatness. You are UNSTOPPABLE. All you must do is continue to carry on and as you do, your weight will be lightened. Because you don’t carry this weight alone. Others unseen walk with you in this journey. You no longer seek the validation of others. You are not here for likes. You are not here for admiration. You are here to fulfill the purpose that God has put on your heart and then once your job is complete, you will transition to your next destination. It is not up to you but up to God. Surrender to the higher good. Your needs are taken care of and your children are comfortable. Money is coming in and there is no lack. You are able to travel and see places you only dreamed of. And so are your children. You are able to afford them the life of travel your parents sacrificed for you. But it is not a sacrifice just simply a natural part of your life that you can comfortably afford. Your kids are better for it and more well-rounded because of it. Your kids are learning more about themselves and growing into the people they are destined to be. You are a proud mama bear! Life is good. Life is sweet. You cry sometimes at nite tears of happiness at where you were before and where you are now, and you are overwhelmed. Your cup overfloweth. Health and career are stable and only getting better not worse. If you have another child, your body provides regardless of your age. You continue to do God’s work helping those who are suffering by helping them to see themselves how you see them. Perfect. Whole. Fully aware of their potential. Because you know what it is like to be in their shoes. You empathize with their plight and you help them the best way you know how and leave the rest to God. You are healthy physically and mentally and you help others do the same using compassion and kindness as their teachers. You teach others how to forgive themselves as you did for yourself and will continue to do. Because no one is perfect. No one. Love those as you would have others love you. Freely. Non-judgmentally. Unconditionally. You know how to say no lovingly and set boundaries because peace is your main objective. You choose peace always. You are continuously at peace despite any challenges that come your way because you know what it’s like not to have peace. You will chase peace at all costs and one day, dear Kira, you will no longer have to chase it. It will be yours. Sleep well dear Kira.

I plan to meditate on this letter every night before I go to sleep so that these things will seep into my subconscious and come to fruition in the physical world. I encourage you to write this letter to yourselves. You all deserve the very best in life and if there is not anyone rooting for you, just know I am!

Love and light,



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