August 31

The Barrel


My next book, the Barrel, will be coming out soon and if you don’t know what this book is about let me explain it some more. The Barrel is a prolific story about a family of crabs that can’t seem to get it together to help one another out which ends up in their demise. Yes, I know this is not the typical children’s story because it does not have a happy ending, but I also believe in telling your children the truth. I wrote this story inspired by what was going on in the world with the social injustice but keeping in mind that this is a problem that didn’t just appear. We have had problems for centuries with people not caring about the lives of others who are of a different class, race, and sometimes even within the same race. I am not trying to get down on my own people, but we have A LOT of work to do, if we are to become a force to be reckoned with. I can’t pretend that as black people that we are not part of the problem. For many years of living in the South I have come to realize that some of the ideology and actions of our own have created barriers for our growth. I can’t pretend that perhaps if we weren’t so concerned with individualism rather than the concerns of the collective that we would not be in a far better position than we are. So, I created a book that illustrates this covert issue and hopefully will inspire our children to take on a different approach. Allyship is great when it comes to other races helping blacks but where is the allyship within our own race as well? At times, I have felt less help from my own people than I have from those of a different race. I know me saying this may threaten the core of everything that you may believe, and I expect to get some criticism for it, but this is my truth and I will speak it. I put myself in this vulnerable position to bring awareness and INSIST that change happen. I do hope you understand and if not, that is fine too. I want my children to have the opportunity to grow up in a world where others’ interests are put before their own because other’s interests ARE their own. I am a Christian and believe that we are brothers and sisters in Christ so we should be looking out for one another and right now I feel like it is every man for itself. This pandemic has sadly highlighted how others are quick to serve their own interests over other’s well-being. This is something that makes me sad often, but I realize that I am not in control and it reminds me exactly who is in control. So, I make my peace with this and hope for a change. A positive one. And if this can’t happen in my lifetime, I pray that it will happen in my children’s.

OAN: Very sad to see Chadwick Boseman go. I like so many others, did not know him personally but he certainly left his mark on the world. His movie, The Black Panther, had such an impact on EVERYONE because of its themes of black empowerment, ingenuity, and idealism. It gave us black people hope of a better future but rather than hope, we need to work on creating this as a reality. It really starts with us…

Again, thank your taking time out of your day to read my blog. I write from my heart with no holding back and I hope you appreciate my willingness to share my innermost thoughts and feelings. If you like what I do, don’t forget to subscribe.


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